Deco today, Polygon tomorrow

In my last post I announced the big reveal of the finished kitchen. Today we’ll be focusing on how those finished elements have come together, and show you how the completed dining and lounge area unifies the space. I’ll even throw in a disgusting Before and shamefully boastful After photo – well, it is Easter after all and a photo is far more forgiving on your waistline than chocolate….you’re so welcome.

Finishing touches on the Metro Kitchen

The tiles have been doing a great job but we were concerned with the long-term effect of heat from the hob which might cause cracking and stains to the porous metro tiles (See Metro tiles revealed in my previous blog) To resolve this we had a glass splash-back custom made and so far its been a fantastic solution without covering up the tiles themselves.


Featured article  – How Geometrics are shaping the future

The current trend for geometric décor is seeping into all areas of design these days. wallpaper, artwork, furniture, wire-legged stools and everyday objects such as mirrors and lighting. I don’t usually tap into trends, I’m more of a dabbler in what appeals to me – a mixed bag of Scandinavian and vintage. But having said that I could not resist this Polygon mirror by Conran (M&S £129) as our living room seems to be heading in a contemporary direction. We have tried to utilise the way geometric objects bounce and angle light into our rectangular room. With decent lighting and clever use of reflections we have managed to create a light space in a room with no natural light source. To accentuate the lovingly restored oak stained floorboards the husband has grafted on all week, the blue accent colours in the rug really brings in that needed burst of colour (ikea £60) And to match this, a metal geometric ceiling lamp (B&Q £57) casts just the right blocks of light good enough for any living room disco.




Kitchen/Diner/Lounge reveal!!

With the inside complete, the open-plan kitchen extension has become the hub of the house. The cosy log burner keeps all three areas so warm that there is no need for central heating at all. The dining area is available and welcoming for guests and the kitchen, although tucked around the corner is conveniently located but not hidden away in the L- shaped nook – It’s now a triple use space that flows naturally through the house.

The walls are painted in white and Valspar’s version of Farrow & Ball’s Pavilion Grey (Since Farrow & Ball have further increased their prices to eye-brow raising proportions I feel its justified to find a cheat in this case – not all of us own stately homes) And believe it or not this colour is pretty accurate, I doubt any F&B connoisseur will be able to tell the difference. I adore F&B, we just can’t afford it.


wallpanelllounge - Copy














Process living room revamp



livgrm8 BEFORE…and AFTER


All of that massively gained space with just an extra meter. Its amazing just how much you can work with and we are completely thrilled with the results.

Small restoration project – The vintage trunk coffee table

Here’s a little storage trunk project that’s had me very excited this week. This handmade trunk is something that’s been knocking about for a while,  I think we had even been storing light bulbs in it at one point. But one day last week it hit me – as if all those bulbs had popped at once in a eureka moment. I was going to integrate this into the rest of the living room with the use of distressed colour.

I dragged it outside and began to sand the sides, being particularly unkind on the edges where natural wear and tear would occur. Luckily the desired effect materialised almost instantly, because I what I was after, was a hint of blue that happened to be underneath. Blue was the accent colour of the living room so the more I rubbed the better it matched.

I then drew around the wall letters that featured in my earlier blog (nautical knobs) and painted them in with Valspar’s Deep Pacific. I matched the stumpy feet and gave the whole thing another light sanding. To give the trunk and smooth satin appearance I then used a few good layers of bee’s wax furniture polish.

vintage truckGJ worn

Bedroom side project – Venetian Blinds

Out with the granny curtains in with the venetian blinds! When we bought the house these black out curtains were the only things keeping us in the dark. But last week the wooden blinds arrived and Jason installed them with ease. They were ordered to the exact size and fitted seamlessly into the bay window. I love how they define the space horizontally and makes the area look clean and fresh.


Discovering Shpock …

Shplock image icon

This month I also discovered Shpock. Those who haven’t heard of it, its an app for buying and selling second hand items – I like to think of it as a hybrid of Gumtree & ebay. A sort of digital Car boot sale – only without having to stand in the miserable drizzle. The unique selling point of this app is that its simple to snap and post your item in seconds and its local to only your area (although you have the option to expand your search area if you want to). Its free and easy to use.  I tried out this little app for myself and not only grabbed a bargain but met an inspiring couple who’s own renovations had me captivated from the front door. The bargain I picked up was a little black satin Louis bench – which would fit perfectly under the clothes hook in our bedroom so my husband can dump his weeks’ worth of clothes on it rather than the floor. And we picked up a lovely designer grey and oatmeal rug that hadn’t even been used. The idea of pricing is very much like a car boot where both seller and buyer will happily haggle online first or in person if other items are presented. Once the offer is accepted all you need to do is turn up to the persons house and collect. Similarly to ebay, buyers and sellers have a feedback rating score so you know roughly that you have a genuine buyer on the other end, although the website still promotes caution and common sense.

So far I’m pretty taken with the idea of Shpock (although I am still waiting for a member to collect an item she negotiated on two weeks ago) The company actively encourages you to promote your items (and Shpock’s name) through your own Facebook page which is the one downside for me, as I’m sure my friends would not give a damn to see a conveyor belt of my preloved crap/treasures a hundred miles from Surrey. I’m also cautious about Shpock having any rights to access my Facebook profile or my friends info  – I’m pretty sure none of my mates would appreciate that – but you can avoid all of that by unticking the “share on fb” button before clicking “sell it”

I’m all out for inspiration for now, but pop back next month where we hope to have some more exciting projects underway!

Rise of the Roost would like to wish all our dedicated readers a very Happy Easter!!!

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