Rise of the Roost Bumper Christmas special


Ho Ho How is it blimming Christmas already? Where did the last 12 months go? As you are reading this I expect there will be some kind of beverage to the right-side of you, even though its only early and I also imagine there’s chocolate smeared around your mouth or at least on the belly shelf. Thank-god you have Rise of the Roost’s insightful blog to delve into at this tense eating festival. Ignore the annoying/demanding rellies just this once and enjoy the latest news. In this edition of Rise I’m going to show you some finished bedrooms and reveal the before and after’s of where we’re up to with our kitchen extension. And if all that doesn’t leave you crawling for the festive whiskey then there’s a few more little Christmas delights to chomp through. Beware you are about to experience renovation overload as we catch up on all the projects we’ve covered over the past six months…six months (Throw-head-back chuckle)…how do we do it?

Bedroom revamp

At the start of December we had the delight in moving back to our refurbished bedroom. As a reminder here’s what it used to look like….

and here it is now, adored and cherished! Remember that floor? The room is almost finished apart from the window blinds that I’ve yet to source


With those luscious wooden floor boards and Dried Rocket green Valspar wall paint there was just a small edition of the pictures on the walls and a set of shelves to go up. Jason custom made these from MDF cutting a deep curved edge at one end mimicking that 1930’s curve as seen in the walls and door frames. It works well next to the built-in-cupboard and gives us extra storage to display things.

Continuing with the bedrooms, I tied-up some lose ends in the guest room. Here’s some before and after’s of this room which you’ll recognize from my earlier Nautical blogs. Below before, when we first bought the house…

and after…hello sailor!


All finished off with matching curtains and bedding. Here’s also where I put together a little vintage suitcase project. Ever wanted a better way to utilize that old vintage suitcase? well get yourself down to the DIY store and grab a sample of wallpaper – usually free – I picked up a sepia map sample of wallpaper as it would suit the outer brown casing.

I used contact glue to stick the paper inside (contact glue seems to also eliminate any musty smells) On the sides of the base I used plain (lining) wallpaper and again the sepia map wallpaper sample for the bottom. Finished off with a few original vintage tags. An ideal breakfast hamper.

Meanwhile – on a more serious and important renovation project – we moved a hundred steps closer with the kitchen extension. The skylights finally arrived and after much re-structuring with the frames, Jason managed to get them installed into the roof and boxed them in.

Then, when finally the rain had ceased for a day (yes a whole day but it was still very grey) we both got onto the roof and began the very exciting job of laying down the thick rubber liner. It wasn’t hard to lay but a little fiddly in places, and we had to be careful not to get any grit under the rubber as to not puncture it.

Jason used a roller to cover the wooden boards with glue, then we flopped the rubber over slowly. Using a dry roller we stretched out bumps and lumps and after a day or two as the rubber settled, it naturally went flat. Jason then clipped on some black strips down each edge of the roof. This rubber material has a fifty year guarantee so it should serve us well.

Featured article: The arrival of Warmcore Bi-Fold doors by Thermaglaze

Hold onto Santa’s pants because this is the moment we’ve been waiting for. We will be nice and warm for Christmas thanks to the installation of these long awaited doors.

At the start of December the Thermaglaze boys turned up with our doors. The two man crew worked incredibly hard that day – but we did keep them well fueled with cups of tea throughout the fitting. As a rule Thermaglaze only book one installation fitting a day as they can never tell how long it will take them and you can see why. The doors are very technical to fit. They hang off the top frame and also run along the bottom so are counter-balanced certain points. This is not a set of doors that you could ever fit yourself no matter how good a DIY’er you are. They are really very heavy, and you need to be 100% accurate with your levels as you will only have a couple of millimeters to play with. Its also having the knowledge of knowing how each section runs smoothly into the next. So basically if you’re thinking or researching your own Bi folding doors at this stage and have come across this blog, do yourself a favor and take it from me, that these doors are fantastic. The fitters insisted on giving us a demo on how to use the doors. How hard can it be opening a door? Is a demo really necessary? I thought to myself. But it turns out it was. The doors are chunky and although they glide effortlessly like Nigella Lawson on a snowy peak, there is a certain amount of training needed so one doesn’t crush one’s fingers and the magnets on the outside have to have direct contact with one another to concertina outwards. If you do this wrong, the doors could actually fall out..but that’s quite hard to achieve they told us. Still, with my clumsy skills anything could happen.

The doors have been in for almost two weeks and I still have that silly content feeling as they solidly close and effortlessly lock as if I’ve been sealed inside a bank volt. The world goes silent. Plus they look pretty fantastic too (for now we’ve kept the factory film on the doors to stop them getting scratched as work continues) For a reminder please take a look at the photo below of how the old kitchen was, to how it is now and congratulate Jason on just how brilliant he’s worked – all by himself and only got annoyed a few thousand times. The old extension was one part tiny kitchen, other living room


Now, the kitchen is integrated with the dining room / living room

The electrician arrived and began putting in the lights and plug sockets. Jason made the all important triple door cat entrance – I’ve put a sponge mat inside the box so it cleans his muddy feet as he goes through. Cat car- wash style.

The chipboard temporary wall on the left here will come down merging it with the lounge on the other side. This part where the ladder currently stands will be where the kitchen table sits.

And just before I leave you to grab another fist full of figs, I can finally reveal the completion of another little project. The original light switch plate in the hallway was an on going issue because I couldn’t find a company that was willing to etch into the chrome plated metal. (I wanted each room name on the front below the switches) so we opted for plan B – Etched little self adhesive trophy plates that would stick on the front below the switches. It wasn’t ideal but I am pleased with the result and the use of this Art Deco typeface works well to the period of the house.

Above left, the typeface choices. I went with the most deco looking one which was called ‘Isis Desdemona 6L’. Above right, before – the switch plate as we found it in the hallway. Stickers indicate which switches are for each room downstairs.

Below, after –  the switch plate all gleaming and done back on the wall.


That’s all for now folks,I Just want to end with a huge THANK YOU for all my readers who have supported me and the husband over the past year. I’ll try to bring some more joy in 2016. !

Merry Christmas!!


 Rise of the Roost wishes everyone a creative new year ahead!

norgstar xxx


One thought on “Rise of the Roost Bumper Christmas special

  1. What an end to the year. Well done to you both. Ja the bifold doors are fantastic and Georgie, I love the suitcase idea plus I like the use you have given it, all ready for the morning cuppa. I thought your initials over the bed in the spare room was good, is that in case your guests forget who they are staying with?
    Merry Christmas and a productive new year to you both, my amazing friends. Love you both xxxxx


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