Making an entrance

We know just how much hard work goes into making ourselves look the part to make a great first impression for a party but how do apply that same wow factor for our home?

Well, I’ve put together some ideas that might give you a little inspiration. Like all first impressions, we want our home to reflect us at our very best and the threshold and front door should be the first port – (or porch) of call. So due to dipping in and out daily to Pinterest, I have found inspiration that I have applied to our renovation.

StencilOutlineStencilPainted white

Stencils! I bought an American style stencil from ebay and with a Sharpie permanent marker traced our house number on the glass panel above the front door. Then using a soft fine artists brush, I painted within the lines with a white gloss (that’s three years and a university degree in graphic design well spent I thought?) This is only the first coat but I’ll add another once this has dried completely. I have also seen the same idea applied to plant pots placed either side of the doorway, which I think is a fantastic way to show real classy curb appeal.

plant pot pinterestplantpothometalk

sourced – & Pinterest

After spending one late afternoon re-pointing the fallen-out-cement in the brickwork inside the porch and to the side of the house – I painted an undercoat over the bricks. This is quite a brave move as I am breaking all the rules in our street. I’ll admit I painted this in the dark (so no locals could disapprove while I was on the job) No one has painted over their classic brickwork and I HOPE it will work out ok so that others might be brave enough to follow in our street. Break all old habits I say, be bold! oh and stay tuned for full splendid photos on the next blog.


Onto the staircase – Every time I walked past our staircase I cringed at the shabbyness of it, so I thought it was time to make a start on the banister hand rail. This task, I have to say, is one I have procrastinated over for two weeks. I have it put off so many times until I could summon the energy I knew it would take me to strip off the paint and sand it smooth. The mess, the unprecedented dust, eye drops and mask at the ready. The banister rail will be stained and glossed eventually, the spindles re-painted white

DustMaskFaceclose DSC_1449sandingMaskGeorge


Meanwhile Jason too couldn’t put off the mammoth task of the kitchen extension roof on his little bitty own and got all of the main cross-beams attached. His mood darkened as the grey skies turned thunderous and those threats of the El Niño hurricane came true. Yay!! sideways rain and wind please! ideal for roof construction. Jason was forced inside to continue, doing a damn fine job of wallpapering the master bedroom and he was really rather excellent at this task (as I am not) so I was happy if he wasn’t that much. Once completely papered, the following day I painted the walls with a white undercoat then a thin coat of Valspar Dried Rocket satin paint. Its a beautiful natural shade of smoky green and works wonders with the dark oak floorboard. A job I hate almost as much as sandpapering is having to paint the ceiling and picture-rail boarders but that job only took me an afternoon to complete which I was rather chuffing chuffed at.

papered and painted grnroomBy the third week Jason had made incredible progress with the kitchen extension. The building regs inspector dropped by and thankfully nodded his approval. More materials were ordered and a few days later after more rain Jason got to lay a sandwich of boards and insulation concluding into a roof!

BreezeBlockwalls dinerkit ext EmptyBifoldDoorsspaceroofbeamsinsidepreRoof  now the latest..DSC_1582DSC_1581

We’re waiting for the Bi-folding doors to arrive in December. In the meantime Jason will soon add the window on the front, two skylights in the roof and get the rubber membrane and guttering on. Once we’re dry the kitchen walls and floor will will commence followed by the kitchen…and we’ll need a blimming great holiday to recover.

Until next time peeps, stay safe like this wet, horrible English slug

DSC_1398 xxx Adios

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