Wind in my sails

Good day, its been a few weeks I know, but I’m back with a real feast for your eyes this week and you’ll see it was worth the wait. We all love a bit of Before and After’s don’t we? well continue reading and you’ll get a good picture of what we’ve been up to at Rise of the Roost.

The focus has been on the kitchen extension and the upstairs guest bedroom which will be our bedroom once I start working on the other rooms. I am pleased to say at least one room is now totally complete and boy was it worth it. Jason has been working tirelessly on transforming the outside and thus having to reduce our living quarters by half so we are warm at night as the walls come down and temporary ones go up.

We’ll kick off with the upstairs bedroom floor. I had quite a lengthy task of pulling up/ banging down old nails. Filling every gap in the floorboards to ensure that a winter in this bedroom wouldn’t be a drafty one. Mostly I got away with filling the smaller gaps with standard filler using a gun (shootin’ tootin’ filler gun) and with the bigger areas I had to use newspaper. You can use proper draft strips, the same kind of stuff you might put around your front door but that depends on how consistent your gaps are. Newspaper works just as well and is free! its just a little more fiddly. Once these are filled, sand any excessively rough patches till smooth. And the key to doing any floor work is of course vacuuming constantly and keeping the curious cat out of the room. I primed the floor then gave it two very good layers of Light Hessian floor paint from B&Q.

gappyfloor DSC_0891DSC_1135


The walls took a little longer too, mainly because I might have slightly obsessed about the colour not being totally right to the degree that I had to go out and buy a huge container with a lid so I could add a few liters of white to my pre-bought colour. I wanted the natural tone to really compliment the Deep Pacific next to it but when applied it was just too dark. This was easily fixed and despite the faffing really makes a difference on the end result.

DSC_0917actualColourthemesdark tone

The dark and light options, I painted this one above but then repainted it in a lighter shade as seen below. The darker tone made the room seem that little bit smaller than intended so that’s why I had to lighten it.

DSC_1143lighter tone

Here’s a before and after of the room, first 2 pics below with the pink rug



PlayingWithLight DSC_1150

The light shade is actually just a decorative ball made from sticks, sourced from a garden center. I moved the sticks apart enough to squeeze the light fitting through and then secured it so that the bulb was in the center with some natural string. I love how the light casts a foresty shadow on the ceiling.

Meanwhile a few days later I left Jason to this…..


To go do this…



Writing retreat in Hope Cove, Devon.

Walk, write, talk and generally enjoy the wonderful countryside that Devon has to offer such as this…

DSCF3316 DSCF3281


On my return I was delighted to see Jason had been busy and done all of this!!!….

Backofthehousegone BackOfhousePartDemolishion Demolishhalf DSC_1132

The part where he discovers an old bee’s nest (standard)

DSC_1141 DSC_1155 DSC_1140DSC_1154

Where’s the back of the house gone? He worked in rain and fleeting sunshine, moaned a bit, stabbed rusty nail through the soft part of his hand, Oh and he managed to accidently smash a window (that wasn’t meant to be smashed) and generally got all Miley-wrecking-ball about it and so now we’re left with a huge pile of bricks. But that’s OK because he intends to reuse these bricks on the new build to save costs and it’s going to look fab.

The next two weeks before I blog again, will be filled with lots of kitchen planning. Floor tiles, kitchen units and making sure what’s in our heads match up. Its very exciting so please stay tuned to see how we get on…

Golden nuggets everyone, norgstar x

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