Have you seen my Nautical knobs?

Good evening, time for the round-up and rising out of the roost this week we see much progress! tantalizing snap shots of what’s to come and some more of that sexy Valspar paint I keep bleating on about.

After spending a week away in London I came home to find that Jason had not only completed a huge amount of work – practically finishing the vast driveway but also started many other jobs inside, when it was too wet outside.

It was a fantastic treat to see the grey gravel down on the front drive (the two gravel shades are because a fresher layer has not yet been rained on and its still dusty)

Behold! the fire-installation-man finally came from Cala Heating and put in our wood burner which we can’t wait to light when it gets colder.

posh gravelhouse fancyFireplaceDSC_0841

As I peeked around the house, further improvements delighted me – Jason had wallpapered, mostly all of the back bedroom and if that wasn’t enough, he had begun building the brick wall to the kitchen extension!

The man is a machine!, I hear you say. Well as they say “behind every hard-working man is an even more hard-working woman” – at least I think that’s how it goes anyway. Its probably true in our house..to some degree.

With most of the wallpapering done for me upstairs all I had to do was to fill some more unsightly gaps and then wallpaper a few awkward areas – above the door, a strip by the side of the built-in-wardrobe, an area with a double plug socket and worst off all a panel by the window and three remaining panels behind a radiator. I was new at all of this. Wallpapering was bad enough but dealing with a radiator?

Stage one; fetch husband. I do not trust myself with a wrench and pressurized pipes full of hot water. would you?

Stage two; fetch two washing-up bowls, a cloth and old towel. Place all under rad and watch husband wrestle with old stiff pipes (Barbra Windsor style giggle) watch husbands’ face scrunch as he scrapes a chunk of flesh from knuckles on sharp edge of radiator.

Stage three; fetch first aid kit (hardworking woman part comes in here I think just to prove the old proverb) and patch up almost fallen-off-bloody finger. But its ok, he’ll soldier on apparently.

Stage four; Do as instructed like a good wife and wince while both staring closely at the pipes as husband opens up the nut at each end. Brace oneself. Wait for something eventful to happen. Sigh with relief when it doesn’t.


Stage four: Now both nuts have been opened and you might hear a bit of gurgling. Once it’s safe, lift up whole rad off its wall hinges. Again wives take note, it is your job to make sure all pipe work is eased out of its wall fixings so the rad can actually have a bit of give. At this point I was concerned the whole thing might explode in my face as its still connected to the main frame of pipework.

Stage five; use your washing-up-bowls to rest the rad, lower it slowly and once down tighten up the nuts that you previously loosened this will stop any water dripping out.

DSC_0678 DSC_0658 GeorgeRadwall DSC_0671DSC_0692

After the radiator is flat and safe on the floor you can continue. I had to peel the textured wallpaper off and wet the wall to get any nasty bits of old dried wallpaper glue. Lastly, use your old towel to wipe the wall down with. Unscrew the rad brackets from the wall and fill any holes or dents with a decent filler. Re-paper and paint! add brackets and hook rad back onto wall. phew!

With that completed, I continued onto my feature wall. I’m going for a slightly colonial nautical look here, something contrasting with sharp light bouncing of a hessian white floor. There will be three colour schemes going on here, snow white, blue and a hessian-beige shade. Again I have picked my favorite Valspar paints because not only do they have over 4 million colours!! but they are beautifully produced and give a flat matt-chalky finish which looks really smooth.


Valspar colour scheme; Deep Pacific & Anchors aweigh. Snow white bed will look lovely against the background feature wall and other items in the room will be painted with the same blue.

You will have to stay tuned for a Before and After in my next fortnightly blog!! He’s a little teaser of the wardrobe handles I put on yesterday evening.

DSC_0711 naughtical Knobs

Left – old nasty ones, right – my new nautical knobs!

bought from Zara home.

Happy renovating folks and see you soon!

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