The 1930’s house that keeps giving!

After another week of hard graft, we’re finally getting somewhere. We’re in it for the long haul but its nice to see results emerging as our designs come together.

The driveway is now at its penultimate stage – and Jason has been working tirelessly to get this done. Weather permitting, this week the last stage (chunky gravel) goes on top of the membrane and sharp sand.


(Pic before Left, as it is now – right)

Yesterday came a nice surprise. After spending a few hours at my neighbour’s house and realizing she had tongue & groove in her 1930’s house hallway it got me thinking, did ours have that too? The tongue & groove certainly was a feature of the original style and I liked how the lines in the wood broke up the vastness of the staircase base and storage.

Back at our house, we peeled the thin ply board away that would have been placed when modernized in the 1950’s. Low and behold!! there was the original tongue & groove, unpainted and waiting to be discovered. My enthusiasm for the renovation was sparked off all over again and proves just how a house of even this period still manages to surprise us.

So my renovating readers, its a good point to note that its worth having a good ol’ nose around your neighbours house’s to not only see how they have renovated it but also to compare and discover any lurking original features you might have.


Photo’s on the left showing the covered up woodwork. On the right after we peeled the ply off. This will all be stripped and repainted, oh and don’t worry we wont be keeping the hallway rug.

That’s it for this very short blog this time. keep the inspiration flowing readers….

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