How to get the most from your front garden – Curb appeal

Hey welcome back,

Some of my more dedicated readers will note my two and a half week absence, mainly due to me needing to have the break and get on with the tasks at hand and also because I prefer to have more to report. And boy is there loads to report! So, to get back into the swing of things we’ve got a bit of catching up to do…

I have to admit that the last two weeks have been quite stressful. Jason has started the foundations to the kitchen extension and there has been the usual complications that have arisen, mostly being the rain and logistics. We’ve never been busier on the phones ordering a ton of this and a ton of that, as well as skips, drills and addressing lingering looks from curious passerby’s (a poke in the eye usually does the job to deter them)

Expecting a cataclysmic disaster as Sky News dramatized a weather warning of – “localised flooding and a months worth of rainfall in two days” we tarped up, packed away the tools and braced ourselves for the worst. Only for nothing but a pathetic smattering of rain to spit down on us. Not that we should complain of course (no, no thats being far too british) confused as to where the storm had gone, work carried on. The following day two men from the council came and approved of Jason’s very deep one meter footings, meaning we had the go ahead to carry on. Then the rain came a few days later filling up what ever holes Jason had managed to dig. Meanwhile I continued the unfulfilling task in the spare bedroom prepping the walls for decoration. As a respite from my boring duties I got to sit in the hot seat before Jason sped off with it.


Whilst digging out around the soggy drainage pipes, Jason came accross an unusal find, not just one but two leeches! yes I said leeches, the very kind that was stuck to Gordy’s privates in “Stand by me” – if you’re familiar with that scene in the film where little Gordy plucks the leech from his underpants, its quite nasty.

gordyLeech leechMouth

Leeches thrown aside, the machinery and building materials came fast as Jason had planned out a week of mulitple jobs to undertake while we had hired out the mini digger and skip. This meant that after he had mixed & poured the concrete for the foundations at the back for the kitchen, he could nip around the front of the house to scrape up all the grass using the digger, drill up the old concrete and lay down tons of old broken concrete, and first layer of MOT rough stone.

Sand&Skipfrontdrive JManDrillingConcretedrillsandstoneDSC_0385

jacuttingsewagepipeBack footings beforeConcretePoured

This took up a huge portion of his time, hampered by badly serviced rented machinery but some time and two skips later its looking like this!…The gravel will go on top of a membrane as its final result but as you can see there are many layers as we have extremely solid-clay-soil, and so we need proper drainage from the stones.

DSC_0396 GravelHalfwaythere Got to look worse before it gets better.

The new driveway (right) is looking nice and wide already. Once the gravel is down we’ll section off and area to landscape it with bushes and plants, to give it some shape.




There will be more to report when I’m back at the weekend. Till then we carry on in the rain and sunshine.

DSC_0604 Enjoy your week readers!

norgstar xxx

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