Scandinavian Splendor

Welcome back you delicious lot. Yes it is I, back again for another Rise of the Roost blog which I hope you’ll enjoy.

Its been a fairly slow week building wise. We’re planning and scheming and making small changes, there’s been plenty of tasks that have kept us busy.

While the sun graced us with a couple of very dry and warm days, Jason managed to fit shiny new white soffit boards and guttering along the back side of the house. He rendered the back of the house, undercoated and painted it in Valspar “Storm Cloud” that looks alarmingly dark grey in the sun light and more blue as the sun moves lower. I must say we have agonized about this over the past few days. Is it too much? Do we want to stand out massively from the crowd? Will the locals disown us for being so bold? We came to the conclusion that change is good and although we love the style of the 1930’s house and all its original quirks, that surely doesn’t mean we can’t bring it into 2015 and modernize it a bit. Am I right, or am I right? The colour is slightly more blue than “Dolphin’s Fin” (I love the inventive name of that) but with that delicious Scandinavian hue we have come to see everywhere. It changes throughout the day, adapting as the sunlight shifts.

DSC_0249 DSC_0265

Many of the houses in our street are not painted (yet) I appreciate that it is a very dramatic change from the usual row of 1930’s red brick houses. It has taken us a few days to get used to it but we are really pleased with it. The same principle will be applied to the front of the house but how we mix this in with the red brick arch way, we do not yet quite know – any suggestions on that would be great.

A day later the rain came and didn’t stop and for the first time in 8 months I thought of Valencia and how my life used to be for just a moment. With the warm rain lashing down at an angle were forced to work inside. As the evening drew in I splashed a coat of light grey paint over the old brick fireplace in the front living room.


By Midweek more deliveries had arrived: 9 meters of flexible chimney liner-tube and the wood burner itself. We were thrilled with our “Foxhunter” multi fuel wood burner. Here she is as she arrived in her crate. You’ll have to keep up with the blog to see her out of the box and in her new home.

Its worth noting that if you are considering any kind of wood burner in your home then you will save money buying the burner and flu separately online than from a shop. Just a 12kw wood burner alone could set you back around £1500 – we bought ours online which had great reviews for just £299. At the back of my mind I was worried a plastic one might turn up. Its hard to put your faith in just good reviews alone when you know you should really see the item for real but we did and we are happy with the purchase.

The extra chimney parts vary hugely too in price. We were again quoted an astronomical £120 for the chimney caps and cowls when online you can find for just £25!  And to fit a wood burner you will need a small part of solid tube. Then you’ll need a receptor plate – which is custom cut to the opening of your chimney and fitted above the wood burner to stop the heat escaping out. As there are so many different parts which can get rather costly, our advice would be to source as much as you can yourself and get a local installer to put it all in. We saved around £1,550 doing it this way but the only snag is that you obviously have to be home to receive all those deliveries. Installing these parts and connecting the wood burner will cost just over £1000 alone. This price will vary where you are based in the UK but I wanted to mention actual figures because when I’ve researched online its hard to gauge an idea of the outlay. It might seem a lot to shell out but I believe we’ll recoup those costs over winter. As we have opted for a multi-fuel burner we can use both coal and wood. which is great as we have an entire rotten garage to dispose of. We wont be short of wood for a while yet.. (prices correct at time of writing – July 2015)


After a day out we called into a pub along the way near just as the sun was setting for a delicious meal. The place was very inspiring, full of Scandinavian splendor. See some inspirational interior ideas here…


DSC_0326 DSC_0327

DSC_0351 DSC_0350

On that note, I’m going to pour myself another glass of wine and help myself to a nice Sunday night slice of strawberry cheesecake. Enjoy your week lovely readers, until next week – stay gold


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