The fabric of life

Welcome to yet another inspiring Rise of the Roost blog post. Thank you for popping by on this miserable Summer (?) Sunday.

The weather might not be all that great but its been another full on week on our renovation with plenty going on to make you forget about the rain and curl up with a cuppa over the next ten minutes.

We’ll start with another little furniture restoration job – well, really a quick make over. This old pine desk was from a brilliant little flea market/antique shop in Clifton village, Bristol : focus on the past vintage original antiques

I’m afraid I was too quick to paint it before grabbing a “Before” shot but here’s an After and I’m sure you can imagine how plain it looked before. I’ve left the draw unpained as its varnished (no finger marks will be imprinted) and I like how it stands out. Also, I have another piece of dark furniture in the same room and it ties it together with that nicely.Desk painted

Throughout the week, various tradesmen plodded in and out – finally getting the electrics box moved and the chimney swept. If you look close enough, you can see the really professional ones by their “bum cleavage”. Nice

tradesmansbottomcrack 3tradieselectricManbrightened

Jason – minus the bum cleavage – decided that before we pulled down the kitchen extension he would utilize the roof as a platform to re-render the back of the house. Unfortunately it started to rain but he carried on regardless (what a trooper I hear you say!) The smooth render already modernizes the house from its 1930’s drabness. And it will have a good slap of paint colour that will hopefully contrast nicely with the white windows. We are testing various colours at the moment.

jasonRenderingHse rendering house2

Towards the end of the week we scouted for wood burning stoves  – we’ll continue with that hunt online as the one’s in the shop were well beyond our price bracket. However in the yard of the fireplace shop I spotted this really cool deer sculpture made entirely of driftwood. A great idea for those of you who live near the beach and have been looking for what to do with your beachcomber findings.

DeerDriftwood1 driftwoodDeerCloseUp

I’ll keep you updated with more soon, until then have a good and hopefully dry week!

norgstar xxx

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