Dodgy shades of grey

This week’s Rise of the Roost we give you a little taste of progress and even a tantalizing before and after – how’d you like that uh?

Its been another non-stop week as we’re gearing up for the big part of the build – the demolition and rebuild at the back of the house which will become our new open plan kitchen/diner. But first here’s a very short overview (cos you’ve got a life to get back to as well I presume) so i’ll skip straight to messing about here thank you very much.

Firstly a bedroom furniture make over – remember those cute little cabinets we picked up last week from an ebay seller? well if you don’t your memory is very poor – you might want to do something about that. Here’s a reminder of how they looked on ebay:


I dug my brush box out and found our stash of paints…


and BOOM!!!……………….


Before and After at home

I spent ages painting the cabinets in a Valsper colour-matched tone I had copied from the Farrow & Ball paint chart – “plummet”. After taking a long time on the cabinets, I stood back to admire them but something just wasn’t right. The colour wasn’t sharp / dark enough so I made the cardinal sin and mixed a few blobs of waterbased black into the paint (don’t worry I poured a medium amount in an old jar so I didnt have to sacrifice the whole lot incase it went wrong) and it turned out much better than I expected.

Now also remember the brand new cream bed? of course you do. Well I matched that in as well and now it’s the perfect shade – which if you know your F&B colours is slightly lighter version than “Down pipe”. I am extremely pleased with the end result of all of it and I think it makes the bed larger and looks more expensive. As a side note to anyone thinking of painting their furniture, you must “key” the item really, really well before painting. As a test I tried one section with an undercoat first and it still scratched off quite easily. So to save yourself the agony of painting your favorite dresser only for it to be scratched up in no time, just give it a right good sanding first, prep is vital so the paint sticks. And also don’t be afraid to paint stuff. Just because its brand new and already comes painted doesn’t mean it has to stay that way, match it in with your room.


Footbed detail red blanketDSC_0027

Having tied the furniture together in that way make it easier for me to decide on wall colour to compliment the shade of grey. Talking of which, I made further progress stripping the wallpaper upstairs which is a job I have come to hate. While jason completed more of the fireplace as you can see here.

_20150704_201434Halfway there fireplaceyellowPainStrip

Place for a wood burning stove soon. far right – more stripping upstairs


Towards the end of the week we visited our impressive town hall and managed to have an impromptu meeting with a member of the planning department to find out exactly what is allowed within our permitted development. It was an intense talk of drainage, sewerage access and structural supports which was really helpful when you are undergoing a reform of your own.

We are not used to such constrictions but it is very good to have the authorities on our side on this one so we follow everything correctly. Next week will be busier as the fuse box gets shifted and all sorts of other delicious house plans are finally put into place…stay tuned for more..

This week’s thanks goes to you, yes you fabulous reading lot who keeps me going and makes my blog (interesting or dead boring) keep going. Don’t forget to post below with questions, or comments. I’ll end this blog with a fascinating photo of my bed post

_20150719_112405 Nice

do with it, what you will people.

hasta pronto peeps.

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