Restoring Britishness

A wedding bus waiting for guests spotted in Shaftsbury

Welcome to a slightly wet and quintessentially British Rise of the Roost this week. We started off as you’ll recall, with unpredicted humidity everyone instantly complained about until the showers came and cooled us all off. The weather didn’t spoil our first cracking BBQ at the house with family though.

We have achieved a lot in our first two weeks of our new home and this week we’ve made small amounts of progress with the renovation as well as discovering amazing little villages in our area.

The week started off relieving my back pain with a Theraflex treatment that had me walking on clouds afterwards. Having felt so good I got to stripping (the wallpaper) off the next day which was too soon for my back muscles and virtually crippled me the following day. But never mind, I need to get well acquainted with the stripper as there is horrible textured wallpaper everywhere!  Now I can understand why my neighbour simply painted over her walls. (after on the left, before on the right)

Stripped to reveal yellow-ochre plastered walls.


Midweek, Jason got to work on the fireplace to discover we had a form of dry rot on a floor board support beam which needed to be replaced. By the time I had got back downstairs he had carved up the floor boards (neatly so they could be reused) and replaced the rotted beam with a nice fresh one and continued to rebuild the chimney.


At the weekend we took to exploring the wonderful Dorset and Wiltshire countryside. Saturday we took a trip to a rural village called Six Penny Handley in Salisbury to collect two lovely little bedside cabinets I found on ebay (yup ebay again)


As we drove through truely breathtaking countryside I realised that there is so much in the UK yet to see and absoluetly must visit in the future. We stopped off in a stunning Shaftsbury for a pot of tea and to take a stroll into an antiques market and shops.

VintageMGJay teashopAvon


I’ll sign off with that delicious thought until next weeks blog where I’ll be uploading some restored furniture updates to feast your eyes on.


See you next time. Thanks for reading. Norgstar XXX


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