Inspirational colour swatches & fireplace makeovers

Welcome to a slightly earlier Rise of the Roost’s renovation blog! This week has been all about colour swatches and fireplaces. I was very pleased to discover a new paint range I am extremely excited about – Valspar paints – that B&Q now stock. Customers can colour match anything they fancy and best of all they have an epic 2.2 million palette range of their own to choose from. They can also colour match Farrow & Ball, so I for one will be dipping into their range of paints to see how their paints match up in our renovation.

Click here if you are interested in their website: Valspar paints

_20150704_200025 DSC_2566

I have decided to paint the hallway ‘Shadow Skies’, which is quite like a Swedish blue with a hint of grey in it. It seems to compliment the white door frames and think will draw a fresh light into the hall space.

On the painting theme, I gave our Ikea bargain bed its first make-over. I tend to not like to leave pine wood ‘naked’. Especially areas that will have a huge amount of traffic – like pine doors for example and floors. If left unpainted or unvarnished they usually develop a dirty layer of film on one zone – not a good look in any home. Here’s a before and after pic of the bed, natural and painted in snow white water based satin gloss. I think it gives the bed a more solid appearance which compliments the cot-style design.

bedbare DSC_2581

While I talk paint (stay with me yawning people) I was disappointed to hear that oil based paints are slowly being eradicated from production. This might not bother some people as it does me but I prefer using oil based for its one coat hard-lacquer smooth finish. For this bed above, I had to paint it six times to get it to look this white, a time consuming afternoon! But on the other hand, it does dry fast and it is safe for the environment.

This week’s renovation tasks have mainly consisted of redesigning both fireplaces in the front and back living rooms. We discovered once Jason had taken the blown plaster off that there was a fireplace within a fireplace – a Russian doll situation. It was a good discovery because it meant that most of the hard work had already been done for us and there was already a lintel in place so knocking the inner bricks away wasn’t going to cause the whole chimney to collapse. As you can see from the pics here this was how the fireplace looked before. If you look closely enough at the middle photograph you can see the line of the inner-bricks the previous owners had filled in, to fit a smaller fireplace. We’ll put a wood burner in here on a slate platform eventually.

DSC_1266 _20150704_201305_20150704_201434

I have been struggling with the front room fireplace though (below), so any ideas would be appreciated! I don’t want to knock this sturdy 1930’s fireplace out because its so well made and I think I might be able to bring it into 2015 with some fancy paintwork. Well that’s the idea anyway…so

DSC_1274 DSC_2573

I am going to take inspiration from mother as I so often do. She has just decorated her fireplace (below) as she always knows what colours to use in her place, ok the period of hers is much nicer but I might try these colours on ours. I’ll be posting about this next week so drop in to see how I get on.


Inspirational fireplace colours as above



Also big shout-out to anyone who is in the throws of a renovation. Be a sharer with your thoughts – keep the ideas flowing and keep up the relentless work, we know how hard it can be.

Until next time, have a great week everyone!

norgstar xxx

One thought on “Inspirational colour swatches & fireplace makeovers

  1. So look forward to your blog,luv following your step by step renovations!!keep up the good work!!luv to u n J xxx


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