IKEA – can your relationship take it?

Welcome back and thanks for dropping by. Summer is here and I am loving England right now. The flowers are in full bloom and there’s an absolute joy of feeling grass beneath my feet and a sunny breeze in my face.



After 6 long months we finally received our shipment of possessions and we couldn’t have been happier. We spent a back breaking day shifting boxes and trying to cram all 260 boxes into the garage, cupboards and shed with the hope of leaving the house, furniture free as a courtesy for the electrician. We didn’t quite make that goal and although I was relieved to see all my shoes, clothes and beloved sewing equipment again – I am dreading unpacking all the useless items we shipped back.

Ikea logo

On my birthday we hit Ikea hard, tackling those meat balls and tried to take advantage of the 10% sale. But despite the huge banner, it seemed hard to find anything in the sale. Like most men Jason has an absolute hatred for Ikea. I love it but I have to ask, what’s happened to Ikea in the past few years? a handful of the quirky designers are still producing cheeky, smart re-designed products but ultimately it seems that something, somewhere has gone wrong.

I noticed that Ikea are going through somewhat of an 80’s revival and that can never be good in my book. Just look at this monstrous item! Awful boxy bedroom furniture with those tacky handles I tried so hard, all these years to forget.

LackIkeatable Blog Busunge Ikea Horribleblog

The Lack & Busunge range- photos courtesy of Ikea

For me, Ikea just doesn’t have the same juiciness anymore. I used to feel like I was holding back on the spending and it was torture to be selective but now I’m hard pressed to choose one nice duvet set that doesn’t look like it was from a Sunday supplement magazine. Has Ikea reached its limits? Could it be that my ridiculous lust for the flat-pack challenge has grown out of me now that I’m 39 or is there really less gorgeous things to go weak-at-the-knees about?

After two hours we flopped into sofa’s in the showroom and chatted trough our sofa options. It was then I realised that we had made it around almost half the store without having fallen out with each other. Unfortunately Ikea tends to bring out the hatred in couples and I find it fascinating to watch the process. One minute they are happily skipping along the arrowed floor, the next they’re in a mock kitchen arguing with arms crossed as if they are actually at home! I suppose getting through a day at Ikea means your relationship will last.

One time in the Croydon branch I watched a girl dump her boyfriend in the car park of on the way in – they hadn’t even made it through the entrance!

In most cases fall-outs happens in the car park, when the couple cannot get their massive purchases into the car and the boyfriend/husband is exhausted of the upbeat positivity that got them into the mess in the first place. He must now be brilliant with puzzles and string and not scratch his girlfriends’ beautiful Fiat 500 in the process.


Jason on best husband behavior

We peeled our way out of the sofas and sauntered past a young, hip couple wearing sandals who were deeply involved on the workings of a very small and flimsy-looking sofa bed. Their yellow shopping bags slumped on the floor as they vigorously began to tug at the sofa tabs to release the lower mattress. The guy got a little over-enthusiastic and yanked the mattress out, rolling sharp metal wheels over the girlfriends exposed toes. She called him F***ing idiot. We winced. It was like a game show for smug couples and we were winning as we raced along the circuit toward to the “Market Place” department where hell for Jason started all over again for a further hour and a half.

Inevitably we still emerged with two trollies (yes just the two) but one trolley did contain a fantastic bargain double bed frame in the clearance section that Jason had to disassemble.


Our shopping trip ended well but Jason’s neck had stiffened so consistently over the duration he could barely turn his head on the drive home.

THE WEEK: To continue with the purchases theme I auction-won a bargain Ikea sofa, wallpaper steamer and lovely farmhouse table which should suit our new house.


Renovation wise, its been a slow week while we wait for the electrical work to the completed but here’s some progress in pictures.


Scraping the old paint off the iron bath. Progress with re-wiring old hallway switches.



We have been welcomed into the neighbourhood with open arms by all our neighbours so its been a glorious week all round. But one of our neighbors confirmed that the suspected air-raid-shelter is in fact just a plain old planting area and not an old Anderson shelter after all. Booo! anyway more to report next week, have a good one !

One thought on “IKEA – can your relationship take it?

  1. Hi G & J,luv reading your blog!look forward to it every week!!have you got an Idea near you???Are you staying in the house,whilst u renovate??xxx


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