Ginspirational week!


Thanks to Gin and mood boards, this week has been progressive! Its been a full on and every night as my head has hit the pillow in my exhausted daze I’ve fallen into a quick (and slightly snorey) interior design slumber. Mentally that’s a great place to be in – my mind is so consumed with ideas, English heritage paint colour’s and room layouts that I can let my imagination can run riot while I rest my aching bones and switch off. The only obvious result though is that halfway through the night I awake with some revolutionary interior design idea and then can’t remember a darn thing in the morning… anyway what’s been happening this week I hear you inquiring keenly?

Highlights of the week was discovering more pretty floor tiles, some rusty old iron fireplaces that had been discarded in the garden. Jason exposed the rest of the staircase spindles, I discovered more lost treasure, uncovered secrets in the garden, oh and had my first “buyer beware” lesson for the future.

Into our second restoration week and Darrell our electrician had already started working on the electrics. But two days into the renovation work had halted due to the ancient main electric box needing to be updated and relocated – “It belongs in a museum” the wise words of our electrician. Southern electric insisted that they have to send a private contracted electrician to do this type of job (a possible six week wait and at a hefty cost) Still, Darrell ploughed on were he could, preparing the walls to house the new re-wiring. (pic of drawing on wall, cut channels)

Upstairs in the back bedroom found pink tiles under the carpet where the old chimney would have once been
Darrell gets to work


Most curiously we had unearthed a possible Air-Raid shelter in the garden. But I’m not quite 100% sure on that yet, just a hunch at the moment. The more discarded old corrugated tin roofing and dubious cement slabs I unearthed, the more its looking likely. Anyone please have any idea’s on what this is? I don’t have a clue?  I promise I’ll keep you updated. In the mean time what do you think? does this look like part of an air raid shelter to you?

DSCF3040 DSCF3025


Jason spent the afternoon investigating why there was a false wall in the dining room. Was there something awful lurking behind it? Once taken down, we were baffled to see that there really was no problem behind the wall so i’d advise anyone in this same situation to investigate and if you’re lucky you can gain an extra few centimeters here and there, hey it all helps. Perhaps it was cover up over an old damp problem that has since been solved by the neighbour fixing the roof? who knows.

Mid week brought some familiar faces along to see our new project, long-time friends with welcome gifts and family. My very astute father pointed out that the old bath in the bathroom could possibly be one of those claw footed roll tops types, and we should peel the paneling away to investigate if this were the case. I hadn’t even considered that those slightly ugly and awkward taps were in fact Globe Taps, a characteristic feature of a roll top bath. This was an incredibly exciting prospect if it were true!

Old globeTapsDSC_2286

That evening we were plotting the dimensions of our new kitchen extension over a bottle of wine and came across an advert in a trade-build magazine with warnings of Asbestos. After a bit more digging around on the subject we were horrified to realise Asbestos is pretty much in a whole range of stuff, floor tiles, insulation, plasterboard. Suddenly I had flash backs to Jason ripping out that fake wall, with no mask no protection and wondered if we ourselves had inadvertently exposed ourselves to the deadly material? and where else might it be lurking in this 1930’s project?

Do you know anyone who might have unknowingly uncovered Asbestos in their project? I’d love to hear your comments and experiences below. If you have recently bought a project and have no idea about this stuff then take a minute to scan over the Asbestos Gallery in this link – its pretty important to know how to recognize and deal with it before smashing the hell out of it with a giant hammer.

Asbestos Gallery

We took a day off to leave the sparky alone and used the time to plan out things but the next day Jason went back to report on the worrying Asbestos issue. He searched in the loft checking out the hot water tub (thankfully plastic) and the plasterboard he had ripped down didn’t seem to be of the dangerous kind. Relieved of that news, he enjoyed pulling away the bath panel and LOW and BEHOLD it was a Victorian roll top bath in good condition for restoration!!!. I can’t say how ridiculously excited this made me feel.

I have been lucky enough to find this blog by teresakane, to see how a bath restoration process works:

Victorian roll top bath restoration blog

RollVictorianBath Bathpic from curtiosy of

Our bath!! (above) isn’t she beautiful? This one (right) is how it could look if properly restored.

And lastly to show you I am always thinking of the end game – I have ordered a bed! It should go with the Deco styling  of the banister rails and bare floors.


pic courtesy of

Its been a dusty and exciting past week with more delights to follow. I hope to uncover the Air-raid shelter mystery and will keep you posted next Sunday for my next restoration blog. Until then have a Gintastic week!!!DSC_2389~2

2 thoughts on “Ginspirational week!

  1. Exactly. Many people still don’t care about asbestos. They still use it in the construction of houses/buildings and other materials. They need more information about awareness asbestos. People must know that asbestos is a killer and seriously dangerous.


    1. Thank you for your comment all the way from Australia! (I’m privileged) yes people think it’s something that’s not around anymore but once I was aware of it, I noticed it prolifically in 1960s buildings. I was lucky to not have been exposed to it this time and others need to be aware of its hidden dangers. Norgstar


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