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Phew!! After 4 long months of waiting, finally our house sale completed this week. Its been an agonizing wait to hop onto the first rung the property ladder in the UK and after eleven and a half years living abroad its been quite a culture shock (why we moved back is a whole other blog, so we’ll get onto that another time)

This latest project will be Project 5 in our property CV, and like the previous ones its destined for total renovation

This house is a 1930’s 3 bed, semi detached house in Wiltshire – land of the white horse. situated in between Stonehenge and Bath. Its an up and coming town and far more affordable than its outskirts.


Front door

Amazingly enough, we are now the proud second owners. The first being the couple that had it built way back in 1935, when they purchased stud land from a farmer and had the house built for just £1,000!!! The house’s history excited our solicitors more than us, but then they had the epic task of deciphering the ancient calligraphy in the original deeds to gain its true back ground.

BlueVintage Deeds

We were pretty excited to jump in, hammer in hand to get the job rolling. The first few days were spent, adding new door locks, ripping carpets out and digging under the floorboards for any treasure (disappointing so far but i’ll keep you posted)

There are some lovely Art Deco period features, which you’d expect with a house of this age



…and I was euphoric to discover perfectly clean and useable wooden floor boards under those nasty 60’s carpets. Which is where the very handy use of www.freecycle.org came in. I put the brown manky carpet up on the website and within hours someone had come around, sliced it up and thrown it into their car to use as a pond liner and we didn’t have to lift a finger!



This will become a side garage eventually
View from the back – the old kitchen will be removed and replaced with a large extension with folding doors.

So we continue planning and plotting into another exciting week ahead. Suddenly there is so much to do and I welcome the busyness after being static for so long.

 I’ll keep up the weekly blogs to show you the progress along the way. As this is my first time blogging experience please bear with me while I get to learn the ropes (and wordpress) Any tips or feedback would be excellent so I can deliver you the best Before and After’s and progress of this renovation. Please add me to your following/likes and have a great week ahead! norgstar xxx


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